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Christine Cirka, Essence to Success shares her Red Carpet Dream

One of my amazing sponsors for the Red Carpet Dreaming Tour is Christine Cirka of Essence to Success. A transformational coach and passion test facilitator, she is incredible at empowering you to consciously create a life you love. Working with her will allow you to tap into your true power and express your unique essence as your creative gift to the world!

Since she has become a sponsor, I have had the opportunity to get to know her. She is so energetic, passionate, open-hearted and giving. A phenomenal person period.

Enjoy her Red Carpet Interview at our Jan 25th fundraiser.  You will love her passion. Enjoy:

To contact Essence to Success™ and enter to “Win the Passion” – a Passion Test® session with Christine Cirka, valued at $300, please visit:

Gillian Larson, Reality Rally Living her Red Carpet Dream

You may know Gillian Larson from Survivor “Gabon.” I had the pleasure of meeting this firecracker of a woman when she became one of my sponsors for the “Red Carpet Dreaming Tour.” To say she is living her red carpet dream is an understatement….

After being voted off Survivor Gabon, she walked the beaches and through the jungle every day for 5 hours a day until filming was complete. During this time she realized her mission…. and it is HUGE!

THIS April in Temecula Valley, she is running an amazing race like competition called “Reality Rally”. Participants are paired up with their favorite Reality TV star to raise money for Michelle’s Place who provide a variety of free services to women and their families impacted by breast cancer as well as those working to prevent breast cancer.

It is so amazing… you just have to watch the interview below to find out more,  get inspired and maybe even join in the fun!

To join in the fun while making  difference, please visit:

What’s your greatest gift?

Living your red carpet life is all about stepping into your greatest talents and gifts and using them to give back to the world.

What do you think your greatest gifts are?

What do your friends say your most incredible talents are?

Are you embracing them fully?

And if so, how are you using them or how could you use them to make the world a better place?

What’s Your Red Carpet Dream?

Okay so you all know my red carpet dream… to entertain, inspire, travel and raise money and awareness for my favorite charities.

I really want to know what yours is.

Here are some ideas of things you may want to share… just write from your heart and have fun:

What is the big dream?
Why do you feel so passionate about living it?
When did you realize that you wanted to make this dream happen?
When you achieve your dream, how will you give back?
What do you need next to make your dream happen? Tell us… you never know who may be reading this!

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